A holistic healing practice using the union of yoga, meditation, journaling and other CBT techniques. Designed to help you create your own self-practice to heal emotionally and find the sunshine within, this 6-week program allows you to make the steps toward living a life you would love.

This is a call to the women who are tired of feeling like they aren’t enough, who are tired of settling for a life that is just mediocre, who are ready to invest in becoming the best version of themselves but don’t know where to start.


Here's what a few of my client’s have to say about My Program.

“Shelby Tate is so knowledgeable and has really helped me to identify with character traits I have been holding onto that no longer serve me…[The Sunshine Practice] really kept me accountable for staying committed to a practice I have been striving for but never had the motivation to stay committed.”
Janelle Imbriale
TSP client
“Reaching out to [Shelby Tate] to get deep into my sh*t through healing and accountability has had a massive effect on my personal awareness and growth. Taking control of my life and creating my happiness has truly never been easier.”
Haleigh Baxter
TSP client
“The Sunshine Practice called to me at a time in my life where I was unsure of myself, my anxiety was elevated, and I couldn’t control my reactions to an emotion I felt. Taking part in the program seemed overwhelming but I decided to take the leap. Shelby Tate was there for me throughout the entire time and she consistently reminded me that as long as I’m doing the work, and continue to practice, it will get better...By the end of the program if I didn’t meditate at my normal scheduled time, I felt different. Through TSP I was able to instill practices in my daily routine that have improved my mental and physical being.”
Chanta Lopez
TSP client
“The Sunshine Practice helped me get from a dark mental space back to who I am and want to be. The daily activities and group yoga sessions helped me to stay focused on the positives in life, whilst acknowledging that past traumas and hurt are what builds us into stronger individuals. This was truly an incredible experience...those yoga sessions were absolute fire! You are the perfect woman to do this course with and I cannot thank you enough for creating such a sensational programme that truly brings peace and happiness into ones life!”
Tam Strover
TSP Client
“I joined the sunshine practice because I wanted some inspiration & guidance into how to improve my daily practice with yoga, meditation and overall intuitiveness and it did not disappoint! Shelby cares so much about each person's individual experience during the course and does an amazing job at guiding you on your own personal journey, whatever that may be. The course helped me better understand myself and made meditating much less intimidating & do-able. If you're looking to grow your knowledge of yoga, meditating and really dig deep into your own mind & self, I highly recommend participating in this course! Afterwards, you'll feel like a new person.”
Lauren Micklem
TSP Client

About Me

As a 500 hour registered yoga teacher I have been cultivating my practice for over a decade! From teaching sunrise yoga to my classmates on Semester at Sea in college or teaching guests and crew yoga therapy on a motor yacht just last year, I’ve watched the unbelievable connection people feel through creating a practice.

After college graduation I moved to Los Cabos, Mexico where I was introduced to the ideas of meditation and self-healing. I realized I could recreate the energy I felt in a powerful yoga class, through a pranayama or meditation session, then sometimes I could create that energy from nothing at all. Since then I have been honing my practice as I work with constantly evaluating how I can show up as my highest self, and teach others to do the same. 

In reality, The Sunshine Practice has been “in development” since these early days, but as I continue in my Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program I realize that it will always be evolving, as my knowledge is. 

Are you interested in learning how easy it is to feel really good in your life?

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International wellness retreats coming in 2021!